Making bismuth (by R. Tanaka)


Army of Darkness (1992)


The art of Keith Haring


Roy Lichtenstein I "Wallpaper With Blue floor Interior (c.260)," 1992 I The Unconditional Auction I Aug 15 — Aug 31



Notice something in common in these photos?

It’s not what you think

I gave it away in the third pic

That’s right! None of these cops are wearing badges or name tags! I wonder why… seems like it’d be important to wear those, since it’s even illegal not to in other states…

This is actually illegal in all states. A police officer must be marked as such with name and badge at all times unless their jurisdiction states otherwise (such as an undercover officer), and even when not wearing a badge, the officer must have the badge accessible at all times and must show the badge in order to make an arrest. Name tags are not required as long as a badge is available because the badge has the officer number on it.


There was a bunny at Lowes today eating all the flowers